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Catalina Balcells

Resident Manager Patagonia

I am passionate about people, cooking, and culture, and working in the hospitality industry has brought it all together.
Born in France but raised in Chile, I got most of my experience working as a Food & Beverage Manager in the United States. I felt the desire to return to my country, and joined Awasi Patagonia as an Assistant Manager. Later on, I was invited to be a part of Awasi Atacama, where the desert, the variety of the ingredients and the cultural blend exceeded my expectations.
Four years later, I return to Patagonia, where it all started as Resident Manager, bringing renewed passion and valuable experience from two such different destinations, eager to create more unforgettable moments for guests.

Paula Bertotto

Resident Manager Iguazu

I was born in the city of Eldorado, Misiones, where I was blessed with a happy and free-spirited childhood. Nature determined my family's daily life.
My parents took my siblings and me on outdoor adventures. We spent our days by the rivers and streams, swimming in their pristine waters and exploring the jungle. This ignited my curiosity and love for nature in general and this part of the world in particular.
For my family, travelling was an important part of life and we would take frequent road trips and camp wherever the journey took us. Those adventures definitely inspired me in my adult life and I strive to pass that spirit on to the people that I work with.
As a host, I believe it’s essential to find ways to surprise our guests by unveiling the unexpected secrets that nature and culture hold, making the experience truly unforgettable.

Jucelia Middleton

Resident Manager Atacama

I have always been fascinated by remote and wild landscapes. It’s the reason I lived in Africa to work in conservation and ultimately, what led me to Chile.
Born and raised in Brazil with a Chilean father, I was inspired to finally move to Chile to trace my routes and continue my career in hospitality and tourism.
I started working as a guide here in Atacama, followed by Torres del Paine and the remote region of Aysen. However, San Pedro de Atacama - the land of volcanoes - is where I found my place amongst the rugged terrain and the clearest night skies on earth.
I feel privileged to work in such an awe-inspiring place and share my passion for the beauty of the desert whilst welcoming our guests from all over the world.

Juan Ignacio García Machicao

Excursions Manager Atacama

Since childhood, my family instilled in me a passion for adventure and a connection with nature. Spending time outdoors was always the best choice.
When I had to make a decision about my future, I chose to study something that would keep me connected to nature. I opted for Business Administration with a focus on Adventure Tourism. Once I graduated, my first destination away from home was San Pedro de Atacama, a magical place that captivated me quickly.
Upon my arrival in the Atacama Desert in 2009, I secured a job as a Tour Guide. I focused on providing personalized experiences and came across Awasi, where I developed a strong sense of hospitality. Thanks to the high level of service that characterizes us, I have grown as a professional, and it is an honor to lead the excursions team today.

Cristian López

Maitre D’ Patagonia

Hospitality has always been present in my life. In family gatherings at my parents' house, food acted as the common thread in moments of service and closeness.
As an optometrist, I traveled across Colombia, reaching remote and forgotten corners, providing visual health services. These journeys immersed me in diverse cultures, rich in flavors, dances, and thrilling anecdotes.
Those travels awakened my desire to explore the world and get to know new cultures. I lived in Oceania and Europe before arriving in Chile, a country that has always maintained close ties to cuisine and hospitality.
Today, at Awasi Patagonia, we are a team passionate about gastronomy, with a deep respect for this beautiful place. We aim to create culinary experiences for our guests, offering unforgettable moments for a lifetime.

Eduardo Allou

Management Team Iguazu

I was born in the Corrientes Province, in northeast Argentina, but when I was just a few days old my family moved to Puerto Iguazú.
My grandfather was one of the founders and pioneers of Puerto Iguazú. Ever since I was little, I climbed the hills, and swam in the rivers and streams of my beloved hometown.
At this time, the biggest challenge life posed was swimming in the waterfalls of Iguazú.
In my adult life, I have always worked in tourism and hotels. One of my favorite past-times is entering physical competitions, like Ironman. This is where I learned that with strength and effort, teamwork and comradeship, you can overcome challenges and complete your goals.
For me, being part of the Awasi family means putting into action these values, so that the experience of those who visit us is a magical one.

Brian McLean

Assistant Manager Atacama

I Inherited my family's love of hospitality. We always had guests in our house and somehow we turned every meeting into a celebration. We enjoyed being around people and making them feel welcome.
My studies were linked to communication: first journalism, then multimedia, finally I worked as a translator for 11 years. But during that time I yearned for social interaction and teamwork, so I naturally moved towards hospitality. In 2015 I discovered Awasi and joined, first as a Host, then as Maître D ’.
I have lived in Chile all my life, but I did not know San Pedro de Atacama. When I arrived, I immediately fell in love with the Licancabur volcano, the starry skies and the impressive contrasts that Atacama offers. With each guest, I re-experience that wonder through their eyes and enjoy it as if it were the first day.

Carlos Barros

Guide Iguazu

I grew up on a rural property surrounded by the Atlantic forest, leading a simple yet peaceful life. My parents, who are gauchos from southern Brazil, instilled values in me such as respect, kindness, and the importance of our culture.

From a young age, my dream was to become a guide, and 14 years ago, when I started practicing this profession, I felt the need to learn more about the Atlantic forest, which has always fascinated me. I decided to pursue a degree in Biology and obtained a bachelor's degree.

Today, I work as a naturalist guide at Awasi, and I have a deep love for my job and all the nature that the Atlantic forest in Misiones, Argentina, has to offer.

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