Topographies of Fragility


At Awasi, we believe that Nature and Art are deeply intertwined. They are both valuable, fragile and essential for the human being.

This is why we invited two innovative and creative artists to Awasi IguazĂș: Ingrid Weyland (a photographer whose work was exhibited in cultural institutions and galleries throughout the world) and Teresa Marcaida (a dancer and choreographer who studied at the Juilliard School in New York and has danced in companies in Germany, Italy and Canada). Each one got to interpret and get inspired by the local landscape and collaborate on this performance with the aim of raising awareness for the protection and conservation of the natural areas surrounding our lodges.

"It is said that a wrinkled piece of paper can never regain its original shape;
the trace persists. In the same way, nature which is disrespectfully invaded
is forever broken, and many times unrecoverable."

- Ingrid Weyland.

As a part of her series "Topographies of Fragility", Ingrid travelled to Awasi Iguazu
to photograph the landscapes of the Atlantic Rainforest.