Whilst creating unforgettable experiences for the most discerning travellers has always been at the forefront of our efforts, an equal amount of effort goes in behind-the-scenes to minimising our hotels’ impact on the environment.

We have a detailed waste management process which reduces waste whilst maximising reuse and recycling. Furthermore, as members of Relais & Chateaux, all three of our hotels commit to guidelines laid down by the association to reduce the food footprint at member hotels and only serve seasonal, ethically-sourced cuisine.

Here are some further details about the actions we take daily at Awasi to keep our lodges green and sustainable:


Our lodges are located in a diverse range of remote locations – Chilean Patagonia, San Pedro de Atacama and the rainforest of Iguazu; stunning locations that can sometimes be lacking in municipal recycling facilities, an embedded local recycling culture or established waste disposal legislation!

However, our engaged, appreciative guests and enthusiastic team are all passionate about minimising the footprint of our hotels. This has helped us to focus on reducing the environmental impact of our lodges despite the challenges we face.

Many are familiar with the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, and Awasi has strived to ensure waste is reduced as a starting point – our kitchens and bathrooms being a case in point.



The Awasi drive for tailored luxury has led to an emphasis on a la carte meals, shortened menus and food being prepared on demand. No more oversized buffet spreads which inevitably lead to food waste.

Food is seasonal and locally-sourced where possible at all the Awasi hotels to minimise food miles, and also prepared on site – yogurts, juices and granolas served at breakfast are prepared fresh each morning. Better for the environment and tastier for you.

The chefs at Awasi Atacama, Awasi Patagonia and Awasi Iguazu all produce their own jams, vinegars, pickles, snacks, infusions and syrups, therefore minimizing wastage and optimizing the use of excess and surplus ingredients.

Vendors and suppliers are vetted and selected based on the quantity of packaging they use. And, of course, plastic straws have been eliminated across our hotels.

In the bathrooms, larger, refillable bottles for soap and other products reduce the use of disposable dispensers and mini-bottles.

Out and about

The use of cloth napkins, enameled plates, glassware and metal cutlery, thermoses and Tupperware and paper rather than plastic food wrapping has helped to eliminate one-use plastics and non-biodegradable waste from Awasi’s picnics.

Reusable water bottles are provided to all guests, and whilst bottled water is available on demand, it is discouraged; filtered water dispensers have been installed in common areas to minimize the use of disposable plastic bottles.


At Awasi Atacama and Awasi Iguazu, the kitchen gardens use organic waste to produce compost and fertilizer to help grow more locally sourced ingredients, and we are constantly looking for additional ways to minimise our environmental footprint and reduce waste across all of our lodges – not an easy task given the different restrictions in place at each of our lodges.

None of this would be possible without the drive, commitment and enthusiasm of our teams, who also take part in local clean up initiatives in partnership with the local communities – here’s to them!