Picture a cake, beautifully topped with fluffy butter icing, baked to perfection and ready to be presented to its lucky recipient. 

Think of a hotel, every napkin in place, cushions fluffed, surfaces dusted, staff standing ready, smiles on their lips, ready to greet arriving guests.

Just as a cake is the combination of sugar, flour and butter. Our three Relais & Chateaux hotels, Awasi Atacama, Awasi Patagonia and Awasi Iguazu, are the combination of the staff that work in them and behind the scenes, making sure every detail is in place, and striving to do their very best in the hope that each guest will have the experience of their life.

So what “ingredients” make up the Awasi cake?

There are in fact people from 17 different nationalities who have come together to form the Awasi team. Hailing from Chile, Argentina, Bolivian, Brasil, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Each person brings a different perspective, point of reference and ideas to the table. And all of them share one core quality: passion.

Here is s short video to give you a flavour of some of the wonderful people who make up the Awasi team.

#AllUnited #TheAwasiExperience

If you would like to work in one of our teams, don’t hesitate to upload your CV for future job opportunities!