Which places and experiences touch the guests most?

The vastness of Patagonia resonates most with our guests. They can’t believe how enormous the view from Awasi Patagonia is: the fact that you can see for many kilometers a landscape in its completely natural state. No houses, no cement, no people; each way you look there’s nothing but landscape.

Also many guests are touched by the way that our guides are always trying to go the extra mile with small details for our guests that you could never imagine from the website, photos or even comments.

What do guests say about Patagonia compared with other places they have visited?

They say Patagonia is wilder, more remote and that nature is alive here and you can feel that.

Patagonia is all about vastness, great distances and breathtaking landscapes.

Do any of our guides have unusual stories?

One of our guides, Chris Theobald, has been living in Patagonia for 5 years but this is his first year at Awasi Patagonia. He is Australian and came to South America with the plan to stay just a few months and visit Machu Picchu. As luck would have it he ended up finding a job doing three-month trips all over South America, visiting Bolivia, Atacama, Rio de Janeiro, Chalten and Torres del Paine. When he arrived in Patagonia he couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, and said this is the place, this is where I want to live.

So he quit his job and came to Puerto Natales to find work. At first it wasn’t easy because his Spanish wasn’t that good, but after a few weeks in Puerto Natales he went to a bar and started chatting to a local who gave him a contact and ten minutes later he received a call offering him work as a guide.

Having spent five years in the park, Chris had heard about Awasi Patagonia. He contacted our Head Guide, Cristian, to ask if he could work for Awasi, saying that the thing he likes best about Patagonia is the climate which can change from one minute to the next. He said that each day Patagonia teaches you something new, for Chris it is an exotic place with the mountains, the glaciers and pumas roaming the planes.

The reason he was drawn to Awasi is because we are like a family and the service we offer is tailored to the needs of individual guests, which works very well with his aim as a guide of delivering the very best service.

Another one of our guides, Kura Solon, came all the way from London via Santiago. Here is her story: