A picture may paint a thousand words, so imagine the power a film can have. At Awasi we’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with film makers who have created an impact the world over, winning accolades and recognition at film festivals in Europe, New York and the centre of film-making itself, Hollywood.

But without wanting to belittle the skills and abilities of the producers, it is clear who the real stars are: pumas in Patagonia, ornithologists at Iguazu and chefs in the Atacama. The material we have to work with provide enchanting and inspiring topics that, in the right hands, can be crafted in to stunning short films.

And now that one of these films has been to Hollywood, we thought it was time to gather up our creations in one place; a platform where the Awasi Film Collection is available for all to see.

It’s a one-stop platform where you can view all our short films, filtering by location or a few different categories. We hope you enjoy!