Did you know each jungle or rainforest has its own unique sound? The noise that fills your ears courtesy of winged inhabitants varies hugely across the world… that is, at least, for those who have the ear to appreciate the chorus!

One such man is Juan Pablo Culasso, who was born blind and has dedicated his working life to searching for and recording nature. “Recording the sound of nature is my passion,” said Juan Pablo in a short film we made about his talent and work.

A time to travel without the journey? 

One of the wonderful things about sound is that a few notes can transport you for a moment into a passed memory, perhaps to a place, perhaps making you feel close to a person. The same happens with smell and taste.

Without leaving your house you can now discover what a Green-winged Saltator sounds like. Or how about a Magpie Tanager or a Blue Manakin? And all together? You can play with different combinations of birdsong here – simply click on the icons and create your own jungle symphony.

A moment of relaxation

Or, if you would rather leave the conducting to nature then take a look at our soundcloud, press play, maybe close your eyes and simply let the sounds of Iguazu enfold you.

Now is a time to stay at home.
A time to reflect on travels of past,
A time to dream of travels to come.

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