Ultimately, everything boils down (forgive the pun) to water. The two-legged, four-legged and winged inhabitants of this planet all require clean water to survive and flourish. Nothing is more important than water for the wellbeing of the world’s flora and fauna.

Self-sufficient water sourcing and filtering

Each of our three lodges, Awasi Atacama, Patagonia and Iguazu, has its own well from where water is sourced. What is more, each hotel has its own water treatment plant which can treat the local water. So, the water is sourced from a natural well (our lodges are remote and not on the water network), it then undergoes reverse osmosis filtration before being further filtered by water filters in the hotels.

Awasi Patagonia – Relais & Chateaux

It goes without saying that the huge advantage of using our own filters is bringing single-use plastic to an absolute minimum, something our team is very conscious of. Living and working in some of the most iconic corners of South America attracts nature lovers in the first place and certainly makes eco warriors out of anyone who might not have been that way-minded before. Few places make you more aware of the delicate state of the environment than being immersed in the glacier-dotted lands of Patagonia, wandering across the world’s driest desert, or gazing up into the myriad that makes up the canopy overhead in the Atlantic Rainforest.

Water bottles as a gift

Our new water bottles have wooden lids

On arrival, guests receive a gift of a reusable stainless steel water bottle which can be used throughout their stay and enjoyed as a souvenir to take home afterwards. 

Water dispensers around the lodges

We have always had water dispensers placed around the public spaces (as pictured below in the Main Lodge at Awasi Patagonia) so that our guests and staff are able to easily refill their bottles for excursions etc.

Still or sparkling?

A more recent addition to our three Relais & Chateaux restaurants are sophisticated water filters that allow guests to choose either still or sparkling water.  This means our team can offer jugs of either type of water to guests at meals without having to use any single-use bottles.

What about the mini bar?

The mini bar can be a tough one to manage, however we have found a solution in the form of glass bottles with the Awasi logo on them which can be sterilised and re-filled with our filtered water.

Moving towards becoming as green as possible is a constant process and we are aware that we have to keep striving towards being more sustainable and can never rest upon our laurels. A huge step we made was making Awasi carbon neutral and we will continue to find new ways to make sure that we are operating in a conscious way with minimum environmental impact. 

“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one” – Jacques Yves Cousteau