Fifteen travel writers reveal their favourite destinations in a feature published in the travel pages of British newspaper, The Telegraph.

The diverse places of choice range from a campsite in Wales to a lighthouse in Spain, the home of a pride of lions in Kenya… and Awasi Patagonia, our Relais & Chateaux lodge in Southern Patagonia.


Awasi Patagonia – Relais & Chateaux, Chile

Located within a private reserve in Chilean Patagonia, Awasi enjoys “the best view in the world”, says travel writer and South America expert, Chris Moss.

Torres del Paine National Park is famed for its spectacular mountain landscapes – in particular the “jagged towers”, which “tease and taunt travellers”.

While the summits can vanish from view if you get too close or turn a corner, the article explains that guests at Awasi can relax – they “can contemplate them from sunrise to dusk, through the floor-to-ceiling windows of its private villas – 14 of which are ranged along a gentle slope that faces the peaks directly”.

The opening image of the travel feature is of one of Awasi’s secluded private villas with its awe-inspiring views over Torres del Paine National Park’s fearsome, sharp snow-capped peaks.

Guests staying at our lodge in Southern Chile are assigned private guides and their own 4WD vehicles.

Located in a private reserve, Awasi Patagonia is surrounded by flora and fauna

Full immersion in this untouched wilderness is advised – why wouldn’t you “observe pumas, hike on glaciers or boat across the lakes. Go birding, go bicycling. Meet the gauchos. Marvel at the fauna”?  

South America aficionado Chris Moss has visited Patagonia 25 times in the past 30 years. He experienced his first sighting of a puma in the wild during his stay at Awasi Patagonia.

Photographs of pumas close to Awasi Patagonia taken by Matias de Cristobal

Moss reminisces about how, after a day of exploring, you return to your private villa before heading to the main lodge to enjoy “fine dining with a Chilean twist (seafood from the fjords, steak from the steppes) and excellent wines”.

Guanaco steak at Awasi Patagonia – Relais & Chateaux

The Awasi secret? Our team. Awasi Patagonia has a ratio of six members of staff per room, all of whom strive to deliver a personalised service and attention to detail in everything they do.