– What is the aim of the guide school? Can you talk us through what you do each day and what sort of thing you are teaching the guides?
The aim of the school is that EVERY member of the team reaches the same level. For this reason we include former guides in the training as well; guests guides old and new all have a large platform of knowledge and each can learn from the other. And the school lasts for several weeks so that everybody gets really familiar with one another and the technicalities of guiding in such a unique area.
This season the school is centered around ‘scouting’ which means we all go out on the various trails and hikes, learning about the different zones, sharing knowledge and getting to know the area in depth.
Additionally, there are the basic concepts that get revised every season, and training sessions with specialists in different areas, including history, geology, glaciology, paleontology, archaeology, horse riding, driving, first aid and gastronomy.

Most of the lessons are preformed on the field, even if the subject is gastronomy or first aid, the school’s aim is for everyone to get acquainted with the terrain.

-How many guides took part in the guide school and where are they from – which nationalities?
There are 13 guides taking part in the Guide School, the majority are Chileans, there’s one Spaniard, one Australian, and soon a Mexican will join us.

– What do you look for in a guide? What do you think are the most important qualities?
I look for proactive people who enjoy nature and the outdoors, who have travelled and are knowledgeable and interested in learning about different cultures. They must be cultured and educated, but above all great people who love what they do.

-What are the top 3 qualities you look for in an Awasi guide?
Passion for what they do, culture, and love of nature.

Your personal guide will be your ambassador in Patagonia, which is why a thorough training in all fields is so important.

-What is it like for you living in Patagonia?
It is living a dream! To live somewhere where the place, the landscape, the climate and the people teach you day-in day-out the value of life, to love what you do, and play your part in caring for, respecting, getting to know and valuing the real Patagonia.

– What are you most looking forward to for the upcoming season?
That each one of our guests lives the Awasi experience! That no one wants to leave Patagonia! And that each guides shares the love we have for this place with our guests!

So, the snow has now melted after winter in Torres del Paine, all our new guides are trained up and we are waiting for our lovely guests. Why not join us