Over the years we have been creating and curating a series of films to bring you a taste of The Awasi Experience. From short 10 second tastes to micro-documentaries focussing on the people and places that make our lodges what they are.

Our films have been awarded prizes at film festivals, including The Sounds of the Atlantic Rainforest that won an award at the International Hollywood Documentary Festival. The main thing we can attribute to this unexpected success is that we have never made walk-through videos showing the hotels with interviews with the owners, but instead have always sought to give the spotlight to the unexpected heroine.

This could be a local who showed us hospitality when building Awasi Patagonia who happens to be sitting on a love-story; or perhaps a member of the Awasi Atacama housekeeping team who is also captain of the local women’s football team. The stories go on. Essentially, our films are a tribute to the people who sow the seeds that set Awasi apart. 

Awasi is all about stories, culture, nature and moments – and so, we invite you to explore the Awasi Film Collection.