Awasi is the only luxury lodge that offers one private guide and a vehicle for each room, which gives our guests the flexibility and intimacy to enjoy their holiday at their own pace. Each guide is highly trained in all fields, but most even have one specialization or special interest that we try to match to those of our visitors. In the case of Eduardo, he is highly accomplished in photography and wildlife. 

What brought you to Patagonia?
The possibility to be outside and the fact that I can do the things I like while working, such as hiking and photography, also the promise of ever changing days of adventure interacting with new interesting people.

Has photography always been a passion?
I inherited the passion from both my grandparents, but it took some time to express itself. When I started to go to the University I got my first camera. Is was the first time I could take it anywhere without depriving my family of it´s “house camera”, from then on things started to improve and I found myself liking the hobbie more and more.

Two pumas in Awasi’s Private Reserve – by Eduardo Minte

What do you love most about living in Southern Chile?
Mostly the nature and the prospect of being able to interact and enjoy the simple beautiful things it has to offer on a daily basis such as the animals, clouds and weather moods, but also because of its generous, welcoming people.

Describe a day in the life of an Awasi guide?
The first thing we do after breakfast is to visit the main lodge kitchen to collect the lunch we will take on excursion, we check everything is alright and pack it for later, the things we take and the way we serve them will depend on the activity previously scheduled with our guests. Having the lunch secured, we meet with our guests and off we go to explore the Park or Sierra Baguales. After a fulfilling day we head back to the hotel so our guests can relax their tired muscles in the hot tub to prepare for the forthcoming adventures the next days.

The three “Torres” at dawn, reflecting on Laguna Amarga, and a flock of flamingoes.

Do you have a favourite photograph of Torres del Paine, and why?
Yes, I have a winner for this season at least. The photo depicts the first rays of sun hitting the freshly snowed slopes of Paine Grande, the tallest peak in the Park. I was there thanks to my guest, Deb, who wanted to capture the beautiful and famous sunrise at Torres del Paine with her camera. It was a below 0° morning and we where waiting for it to happen on the shores of Pehoé lake, the clouds were just right and the sun hit the spot just perfectly a couple of minutes after 8.

Paine Grande at sunrise, seen from the shores of Lake Pehoe.

You can enjoy more of Eduardo’s photographs on his website portfolio, or follow him at @emintehess.