Sitting at 2,500 meters above sea level, the Atacama Desert is home to otherworldly landscapes often described as feeling like being transported to another planet.

The landscape leading to our Relais & Chateaux lodge is often compared to the spine of a dinosaur with its ridges.

With private excursions and a personal guide for each room, Awasi guests enjoy exploring the breathtaking landscapes during the day, before sitting back for some world-class stargazing at night.

The open-air lounge at Awasi Atacama, Relais & Chateaux, Chile

The Atacama Desert has some of the world’s best stargazing, and is known for minimal levels of rainfall.

“The altitude, the lack of light pollution and the near total absence of humidity combine to provide optimal conditions for celestial observation.” – Atacama as described by National Geographic Traveller.

Photo taken by Stephanie Vermillion during her stay at Awasi Atacama, Chile

Our stargazing tour offers a detailed look at the night sky, under some of the most favourable conditions on earth, both using bare eyes and looking through a powerful telescope.

Setting out after dinner at our Relais & Chateaux restaurant in the lodge, the area where we observe the stars is less than 15-minutes away. The tour takes around 90 minutes in total.

Awasi Atacama featured in National Geographic Traveller Magazine.

Journalist Jamie Lafferty described the “brilliant night stars” in an article published in National Geographic Traveller following his stay at Awasi Atacama. 

“As a waxing crescent moon sets behind the Loa mountains, the Milky Way appears like a distant storm. Shooting starts dart across the lack so quickly as to seem imagined. Mars follows the moon over the horizon. The silence is breathless. The fabled Atacamanian night doesn’t disappoint” – National Geographic Traveller.

Lafferty talks about the local blend of “science with mysticism“. As such our specialist guide covers the constellations, celestial sphere, archaeoastronomy, cosmology, local myths and beliefs, as well as stellar evolution and space exploration. 


Stargazing in Atacama with Awasi captured by Stephanie Vermillion

Do please note that astrological observation is subject to weather conditions, most unpredictable during the month of February due to the rainy season.

Another thing to take into account is the full moon. Keen stargazers are recommended to check upon reservation (just email us on [email protected]) if their dates coincide with the full moon.

When the moon takes over the night sky, star visibility is limited, but guest can still enjoy observing brighter objects, for example the moon or Saturn with its ring.

Stargazing is the only activity at Awasi Atacama that is not private, and may be carried out in small groups with other Awasi guests.

Awasi Atacama by Luciano Bacchi

Our Relais & Chateaux lodge has plenty of open-air patios so guests can make the most of the clear skies above whilst enjoying a glass of Chilean wine or a pisco sour before dinner.

With just 12 rooms, Awasi Atacama is made from adobe with characteristics found in pre-Inca structures found in the area. With a true sense of location, Awasi is an ideal base for exploring the enchanting and awe-inspiring Atacama Desert.