When life gives you lemons… why not make a round of Pisco Sours? Famous in Chile and Peru – which country came up with this winning recipe is famously disputed! – there is one key difference between the Chilean and Peruvian recipes and that is that the Peruvian Pisco Sour has egg white to make it extra frothy, whereas the Chilean one does not. Apart from that, mixologists have their secret touches – some add angostura bitters, for example.

Pisco Sour Recipe thanks to Awasi Patagonia barman, Omar Benitez


*2 parts pisco 
*1 part freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice
*1 part sugar syrup 


Mix all the ingredients in a blender, or simply shake in a jam jar, then add a lot of ice and mix again for 12 seconds. You can add 1 part chickpea water (you can boil down from chickpeas, or use tinned chickpea water) as this makes it more frothy, but that is optional!

“Sift to remove any parts of ice and garnish with a strip of lemon peel. Take a seat in the sun and enjoy!” – Omar Benitez.

Awasi Patagonia’s Barman, Omar Benitez

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