Photographer Luciano Bacchi has been back at Awasi Patagonia, our Relais & Chateaux lodge in a private reserve overlooking Torres del Paine National Park.

Let’s take a photographic tour of The Awasi Experience in Southern Chile…

Awasi Patagonia Private Reserve


The 14 rooms at Awasi Patagonia are stand-alone villas built on stilts for minimal environmental impact.

The villas are spaced around our private reserve, each one with front row views of the iconic “towers” of the Torres del Paine Mountain Range.


We are Awasi 

With a focus on excellent service, and a ratio of 6 members of staff per room, the team is the beating heart of Awasi.


The attention to detail runs through the experience, from the settings, service and quality in our Relais & Chateaux restaurant, to the level of guiding when out on excursions.


Private Excursions for all

At all three Awasi lodges, private excursions are the way we operate.

This means each room has a personal vehicle and guide, and that guests create their own itinerary based around their personal interests and requirements.  


With wide open spaces ready to explore, we believe the most enjoyable way to explore is at your own pace. 

Many guests come from city living, and they want to enjoy the untouched natural beauty of Patagonia.


We have a long list of excursions for varying levels of fitness.

Guests sit down with their private guide upon arrival and create the ultimate itinerary for them.

Back to base

After long days out in the elements – be it hiking, biking, horse riding, kayaking or taking a 4×4 vehicle tour – the warm glow of Awasi Patagonia awaits.


The 14 villas are spread across the reserve, so you feel like you have your own house in Patagonia. 

The Main Lodge is where guests gather to relive memories of their days, enjoy a drink by the bar and chat to fellow guests.


Awasi Patagonia is the second of our three Awasi hotels.

It opened in 2013 and is a place for guests to experience the best of Patagonia through the ultimate excursions, world-class gastronomy and excellent accommodation