At Awasi our USP is creating private experiences, this means your trip to each of our three Relais & Chateaux lodges is tailor-made to fit your needs, likes and wishes. With excursions, we have this covered by ensuring each room has its own dedicated and exclusive 4WD and personal guide for the duration of each stay.

However, when it comes to spa time, we were faced with a conundrum: how to maintain the ultra private feel that is unique to Awasi and still offer spa treatments?

Natural elements at Awasi Iguazu, captured by Susette Kok

We didn’t feel that a communal spa was the right fit – after all, each villa at Awasi Iguazu has its own plunge pool and bath tub, so there’s no shortage of soaking options. What is more, the Atlantic Rainforest is naturally humid, so not many people feel like sitting in a sauna after exploring the jungle.

Each of the 14 villas at Awasi Iguazu has a private plunge pool. Photo: Susette Kok

Therefore, we came up with The Awasi Iguazu Spa on Feet. This is the spa that comes to you.

We have a full-time team of four therapists, three women and one man: Rosa, Gastón, Jenny and Rosana. Rosana was previously part of the housekeeping team, but has been taking classes for some time and is now a qualified therapist.

In order to make sure they all have the same level of training (and that they reach the exacting standards required at Awasi), the team as a whole was trained by renowned spa and wellness expert, Marisa Trivellini

Photo by Susette Kok

Known throughout Argentina as one of the leading spa specialists, Marisa founded the spa at fellow Relais & Chateaux hotel, Las Balsas. She spent almost a month at Awasi Iguazu making sure the standard of each of our four therapists is of a level and teaching them new techniques and therapies. Marisa also helped choose the products we use for treatments, which are locally-sourced, organic and natural. 

The spa menu is split into three sections, with massages, facials and full body treatments. The massages range from the signature Awasi Massage which combines reflexology with elements of Thai and Shiatsu. Then there is a bamboo massage, a lymphatic draining treatment and reflexology focussing on legs and feet. 

The facials range from an intense vitamin C treatment, to one technique using copper and collagen, then there’s the anti-age facial and one designed especially for men. Lastly, the two full-body treatments are for those looking to start with an exfoliation. 

All spa treatments are carried out in the privacy of the guest’s own private villa, either in the calm indoors or on the terrace immersed in the sounds of the jungle.

Private Villa at Awasi Iguazu by Susette Kok