On the verge of the first anniversary of our opening in Iguazu, we are happy to announce new private activities that we are adding to our offer. Awasi Iguazu’s private excursions cover all the highlights: see the breathtaking waterfalls up close (even with the exclusive possibility of accesing the main attractions with a head-start!), but we are constantly working to bring our guests the most authentic experiences.

The area where lodge is located combines the untouched jungle of the Iguazú National Park , along with built up areas like the city of Puerto Iguazú, so there are plenty of attractions just minutes away. However, Misiones is a province extremely rich in nature and culture, and so our local team has designed even more private outings that Awasi guests can enjoy during their stay.

The activities are varied, with something on offer for those interested in photography, bird watching, wildlife viewing and learning about the local history and culture.

Iguazu Falls – Before the crowds. Awasi guests enjoy a head-start to the Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side, to see them from the front row.

Discover the secrets of the Atlantic Rainforest – Kayaking, trekking, biking, with our private guides all can be done in your own time and rythm.

Yerba Mate Mill – Mate is more than a drink: it is a true cultural icon. Discover the secrets of its heritage and the production process of one of the economic engines of the region.

Mbya Guarani Community – The native inhabitants of these lands are still very present in the area, and their ancient culture, language and art strongly influence everyday life in Misiones.

Wildlife spotting – Our guides know the best places to try you luck with the local animals. Iguazu is a birdwatcher’s paradise, but many more animals can be seen in the lush rainforest.

Mountain biking through the jungle – An adventurous bike ride through the lesser-known parts of the Argentine Iguazu National Park.

Jesuit Missions – Although three hours away from Awasi, these UNESCO World Heritage Sites are worth the drive if you are interested in culture or archeology.

With the help of our expert guides, you will be sure to take in all the secrets, while focusing on what interests you most. Every excursion can be adaptet to your particular preferences and how active you are.