A beautiful new short film exploring the work we are doing on the Awasi Private Reserve has been released by Jumara Films.

Awasi Patagonia has a team of 21 guides, all of whom are involved in protecting the puma population, but just seven of whom stay on site during the winter months when Torres del Paine is sprinkled in snow and visited by very few (our Relais & Chateaux lodge closes from end April to early September).

What do the seven do?  “We let nature to do her thing,” says Cristian Asun, Excursions Manager at Awasi Patagonia

We noticed an increase in the quantity and diversity of the fauna in the area,” says Cristian. “We’ve also come to realise that, even though the land isn’t technically producing meat or wool for example, what we are producing is nature, and that brings us a lot of joy and satisfaction.” 

Click play below to watch the five-minute documentary in full:

The idea behind the Awasi Puma Reserve is to reclaim an area of conservation, creating a biological corridor from the edge of the park where fauna remains protected. At present, pumas come under threat from poachers when they leave the boundaries of Torres del Paine National Park.

How to get involved?

If you would like to learn more, please click here for more information.

“Awasi is extremely committed to this project and has provided a huge amount of support to the guides. We have also received funding from visitors who have come from abroad to support us” – Cristian Asun

Film credits:

Original idea: Juan M. Raggio

Camera Operators: Simon Thibaud, Juan M. Raggio, Eduardo Minte Hess

Directors: Simon Thibaud, Juan M. Raggio, Mariano Fernandez

Producer: Mariano Fernandez

Edition: Simon Thibaud

Featuring: Cristian Asun, Tomas Navarrete, Eduardo Minte Hess, Cristobal Sanchez, Matias Schilling, Diego Torres and Jorge Portales

Produced by Jumara Films