Those who have lived The Awasi Experience will know how much value we place on seeking moments of quiet when you feel totally at peace. We believe in connecting with nature in the three remote corners of South America where our lodges are located: Atacama, Patagonia and Iguazu.

As such, recently we decided to create a short film in honour of ‘nature as a form of art’. The film features the beautiful dancer, Teresa Marcaida, at one with nature. All photos were taken by Awasi Director General, Matias de Cristobal. 

Photograph by Matias de Cristobal

‘As you watch, as you listen to the beauty of the evening, in that extraordinary quietness when almost everything seems to be motionless, you are then in complete communion, in complete harmony, with everything about you. There is no thought, not a word, there is no judgment or evaluation, there is no sense of separateness’ – Krishnamurti

Photograph by Matias de Cristobal

These photographs were taken during the filming in the Atlantic Rainforest, Northern Argentina, close to our Relais & Chateaux lodge, Awasi Iguazu.   

Photograph by Matias de Cristobal

As well as taking our guests to the Iguazu Falls, we love to show them the secret sides of the Iguazu National Park – as noted by Conde Nast Traveller who wrote “Awasi is redefining somewhere we thought we all knew”.

There are plenty of waterfalls in the area, known by few and all the more valuable for it, where you can enjoy the sound of crashing water without having to navigate the crowds.

Photograph by Matias de Cristobal

From waterfalls to a submerged forest – below we have Lago Uruguai where a woodland was flooded to create a lake.

Photograph by Matias de Cristobal

‘But you will cease to feel isolated when you recognize that you do not have a sensation of the sky: you are that sensation. For all purposes of feeling, your sensation of the sky is the sky, and there is no “you” apart from what you sense, feel, and know’ – Alan Watts

Photograph by Matias de Cristobal

At Awasi we are passionate about redefining luxury. Rather than gilded interiors and butlers dressed like penguins, we believe that luxury lies in sensitivity: a thoughtful gesture, hospitality that makes you feel truly cared for, and moments in nature where time stops and you feel at peace. Each experience at Awasi is created to suit each guest’s needs, interests and requirements. Our team will work to discover what moves each person as an individual.

Awasi Iguazu is a 14 villa hotel close to the Iguazu Falls. Each room has a private guide and 4×4 vehicle for its use during each stay.  

‘Are not the mountains, waves, and skies, a part

 Of me and of my soul, as I of them?

 Is not the love of these deep in my heart

With a pure passion? should I not contemplate

All objects, if compared with these?’

Lord Byron