What inspired this trip to Chile?

The combination of extremely diverse landscape, climates and small luxury hotels.

As a photographer, what were the highlights of your trip?

It is impossible to choose, both Patagonia and Atacama, although so different, were equally unique, amazing and inspiring. Both providing endless photo opportunities at every turn, and with the ever-changing light.

And as a guest at Awasi, what were your highlights?

Everything, from the location, design, private villas, impeccable service, amazing food and wine to the private 4WD and guide making it a truly customized experience.

Did anything in particular surpass your expectations?

As we plan and research our trips we have certain expectations, Awasi exceeded them all. From the hotel location and villa design, the staff attending to your every request, to the private guide customizing everyday’s excursions.

After our excursions one day I was drinking the freshly prepared (by non other than the hotel sommelier) boost drink and commented to him how great it tasted. The next day the drink shows up at our outdoor excursion lunch. The ultimate hotel service watching your every move (in a good way) sharing the information with the entire staff, and making your stay perfect.

What excursions did you do and did having a private 4WD and guide change your experience?

We had excursions every day both in Torres del Paine in and out of the park, and at Atacama the Moon Valley, lagoons, painted desert, cactus forest, and more.

Having the private 4WD and guide, customizing excursions to your personal and individual interests, without any compromise to others was the top reason, along with many others, that made Awasi the obvious choice, far ahead of any other luxury hotel. I really can’t emphasis enough how this service elevated our experience.

The ability for me as a photographer to plan sunrise and sunset trips, stop anywhere anytime, customize and change excursions at a moment’s notice was priceless, I could not imagine group excursions no matter how small.

In addition to the planning flexibility the guide’s friendship, passion and knowledge of the environment along with the amazing outdoor lunches complete with tablecloth-covered tables, chairs and of course food and wine just added to the already great experience.

Do you have favorite images of Atacama and Patagonia? If so, why?

Yes, they represent the beauty and diversity of the two locations.

As we travel to remote and majestic locations the hotel becomes a large part of the total experience. We have experienced a handful of hotels, small enough to provide and achieve the level of personal care equal to Awasi, however, we have never found a place that provided all the required ingredients of location, design, service, private villas and guides to create the ultimate travel experience called AWASI.

You can see more of Uri’s photographs on his website: http://www.rodanuri.com/