– What made you decide to book at a trip to Awasi Atacama?
After wanting to visit Atacama for a long time and doing much research, we chose Awasi Atacama mainly because of the great reviews on Trip Advisor where it was described as having outstanding quality of service, private excursions, great food, among other wonderful things. Also the images of the hotel in the Awasi Atacama website made us decide we wanted to stay there.

– Was this your first trip to Chile?
No, it was our second trip. On our first trip to Chile we went to Santiago and then spent a week in Patagonia. We want to go back to Chile again soon! We love it!

– What was your first impression of Awasi?
We loved how everything was designed. From the entrance, to the restaurant, the lounge areas, the rooms. It’s beautiful! Everything is perfect, and it matches the colours and light of the desert so well. Everything was so well planned.

– Does one experience stand out above the rest? Is there one thing you will remember forever? A highlight above all else?
It’s hard to choose one, because for us the entire trip was perfect, every experience and excursion. We would have to mention two: the excursions with our guide Pierre Muñoz to El Salar de Tara, and our hike to the top of Cerro Toco. Both where amazing!!

– What was the most surprising thing about your trip? Something you didn’t expect…
The intense colours everywhere we looked. The colour of the sky, sunsets, desert, etc. It was unreal!

– If you could go back to one place in Atacama, where would it be and why?
We would love to go to El Salar de Tara. Our excursion there was great. Everything you see on your way there, driving off-road to get there, and specially feeling how magical this area is.

– How was the food? Did you have a favourite dish? And did you meet chef Juan Pablo?
All the food was great. The best breakfast! We did get a chance to meet the chef, he’s very talented, creative and very nice.

– Where is the next destination on your travel wish list?
Namibia, Africa.

– What do you do in Costa Rica?
I’m a photographer. I shoot fashion, portraits, travel and lifestyle photographs. My husband is a surgeon. You can review my portfolio at: www.irenepena.com