The creative team at Jack Brothers, based in Buenos Aires, has recently been at Awasi Atacama working on a new project: #TheAwasiOutofThisWorldCollection, based on drone photographs and experimenting with perspective in a ladscape full of textures and colour. Aquiles Pirovano, Art Director, tells us all about it.

What brought about your latest visit to San Pedro de Atacama?

This was my third visit to Awasi Atacama, the second one I have done to create content for the Awasi instagram account. This trip really opened my eyes to another world, the idea was to explore the incredible places and colours from above using a drone.

The high salinity in the salt lakes around San Pedro de Atacama makes it possible to float in them, like the Dead Sea but at 3000 meters of altitude.

How did the idea come about?

The idea occurred to us on the first visit, when we were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the Atacama Desert, and had a feeling of being united with the place which was hard to reflect in the photograph. So, we looked towards the sky.

A geologist’s dream – a variety of minerals like no other can be found in the area.

What was your reaction when you saw the images taken from the drone?

I understood that the world is an entity unto itself.


For you, what is the difference between #TheAwasiExperience and other experiences on offer in the Atacama Desert?

I see Awasi as looking to enjoy the beauty of nature for itself. The silence that comes from having a completely personalized experience is perfect.

Can you explain why you chose the photos accompanying this interview?

I think it’s important not only to make works of art, but that they should have a narrative. My aim with my images is to tell a story or transmit an emotion.


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