You may remember Juan Pablo Culasso’s recordings of the sounds of the Iguazu Rainforest from our Hollywood award-winning short film “The Blind Birdwatcher”.  Juan Pablo is an expert in his field who has overcome many obstacles due to being blind from birth. He is passionate about nature and in particular bird watching, and has devoted his career to recording the sounds of birdsong. 

“Recording the sound of nature is my passion,” says Juan Pablo Culasso. “I was invited by Awasi to capture the magic sound of the local birdsong, and was amazed by the intricate range of sounds I discovered.”

Juan Pablo’s recordings of Iguazu include the sounds at and around our Relais & Chateaux lodge, Awasi Iguazu.

Awasi Iguazu - Relais & Chateaux - Argentina

Awasi Iguazu – Relais & Chateaux – Argentina

Previously the recordings were available on Soundcloud, but now they can also be enjoyed by users who favour Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal. In the following links you will find over an hour and a half’s worth of sounds from the jungle. We hope you enjoy them.

For Spotify, we have an Awasi profile, so we have added the Awasi Soundscapes of the Atlantic Rainforest as a new playlist. If Apple Music is what you like to use, then simply click here. Last but not least, we have an album dedicated to the sounds of Iguazu on Tidal.

Many people have a clear image of the Iguazu Falls, but perhaps not much of an idea about what else there is in this corner of Northern Argentina. Did you know Iguazu is one of the best places in South America for bird watching?