“Recording the sound of nature is my passion,” says Juan Pablo Culasso, who was born blind and has dedicated his working life to searching for and recording nature. So, it seemed like a perfect match to have him record the sounds of the jungle around Awasi Iguazu.

I was invited by Awasi to capture the magic sound of the local birdsong, and was amazed by the intricate range of sounds I discovered” he says. The result was breathtaking and surprising.

Close your eyes, kick off your shoes and enjoy the sounds of the jungle – watch the full experience:

Juan Pablo’s recordings include the following:

Pale-Breasted Thrush: “These sweet and intense notes make this some of the region’s most distinctive birdsong,” says the birding expert.

House Wren: “Much heard but seldom recognised, this bird has some of the greatest song range – some members of its species can sing for over an hour without repeating one melody.”

Rufous-capped Motmot: “First up and last to bed! It is the Motmot who announces that dawn has broken, and sings to us as the sun sets.”

You can also design you own Rainforest Symphony by playing with Juan Pablo’s recordings.


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