After a day spent exploring the majestic scenery of Torres del Paine National Park, you need to celebrate with a cocktail worthy of the great explorers.

We often say the bar is the heart of the Awasi hotels, and that means the bartender is of utmost importance. With that in mind, we couldn’t be happier to welcome Manuel Bastias to the fold.

Manuel Bastias behind the Awasi Patagonia bar, creating signature drinks with local ingredients.

Here is his story in his words:

It all began in Talca, the city where I was born, and where I experienced the sensation of being behind a bar for the first time. I fell in love with being a barman and decided to dedicate my career to the art of mixology. After spending a year in the Atacama Desert, I was ready for a new challenge and to discover the unique tastes which Patagonia has to offer the world.”

Manuel specializes in making cocktails (and mocktails) with a classic base and an original twist, and frequently includes local herbs and fruits in his preparations. His secret, he says, is “using high quality ingredients and trying to include some Patagonian aromas to make them unique”, althought the truth is there are no limits for special requests and personal taste.

One of his creations is his trademark drink “Patagonia Water” (in large picture), inspired by the color of the glacial lakes in Torres del Paine. It’s ingredients? Chilean pisco, blue curacao, lemon, and a homemade syrup, infused by “paramela” (a native aromatic plant). 

We are proud to have Manuel on our team to enhance a luxury travel experience.