Awasi Iguazu, our 14-room Relais & Chateaux hotel in Northern Argentina, has a new Natural Spa.

Surrounded by the sounds of the jungle, with the River Iguazu running by, the Natural Spa consists of three open-air decks.

  • The Yoga Deck for yoga and sound healing classes.
  • The Lounge Deck where refreshments are served.
  • The Adventure Deck where guests set off for rappelling.

The new yoga deck at Awasi Iguazu – Relais & Chateaux. Photo @luciano.bacchi.foto

With the river right there, wild swimming is a great way to cool down after your session.

Awasi Iguazu is surrounded by the Atlantic Rainforest, the most biodiverse place in Argentina.

It has been called a “jungle tree house” by Conde Nast Traveller; and picked out among the top lodges for “total forest immersion” by the Financial Times.

Jewellery designer Angela Bullich contemplates life at the Awasi Iguazu Natural Spa during the Awasi Artist Immersion programme. Photo by Matt Banahan

In a recent feature for Vogue Magazine, journalist Michaela Trimble included Awasi in regards the importance of silence in travel.

The article talks about a desire from travellers “to venture to more remote places than ever before.”

Awasi Director General, Matias de Cristobal, is quoted in Vogue: “Particularly, in the most pristine places, it can be a humbling experience to realize that we, as human beings, are a part of nature and do not just coexist alongside it,” says de Cristobal. 

It’s when we connect more deeply with nature that we may also discover a missing part of ourselves.”

Decking overlooking the River Iguazu at Awasi Iguazu

A quiet spot at Awasi Iguazu, Argentina, overlooking the River Iguazu. Photo by Daniela Mac Adden

The approach to wellness at Awasi is holistic, ranging from excursions where guests delve into nature, far from the crowds, with their own private guide and 4×4 vehicle.

To massages in the comfort and seclusion of their own villa. 

And also into our Relais & Chateaux restaurant where Awasi Iguazu Chef Mauricio Alvez creates delicious, healthy and seasonal dishes.

Gastronomy is a key part of the experience at Awasi Iguazu, Argentina. Photo @luciano.bacchi.foto

The Natural Spa has an open-air lounge deck where guests can sit in the canopy of the jungle contemplating life awhile.

This is an area to enjoy a refreshment before or after a session. 

The Awasi Iguazu Natural Spa. Photo @luciano.bacchi.foto

Awasi Iguazu, Relais & Chateaux, is made up of 14 individual villas (each one with a private guide and vehicle), plus the Main Lodge where our restaurant is located.

The villas, Main Lodge and the Natural Spa have all been built on stilts to give you an elevated view over the Atlantic Rainforest.  

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein.