“Outdoor showers are one of summer’s greatest pleasures,” writes Sophie Dodd for Travel + Leisure. “There’s something both sacred and sinful about the act.”

“A breeze or a bird renders you hyperaware of your own nakedness,” says Dodd “which is the most natural thing in the world; after all, showering outdoors was the norm for most of humanity’s existence until indoor plumbing arrived in the early 19th century.”

At Awasi Atacama, the majority of our communal areas are open to the sky and stars overhead

What makes an excellent outdoor shower?

“Is it the view? The water pressure? The degree of privacy?” asks Dodd.

Awasi Atacama, our 12-room Relais & Chateaux lodge in Northern Chile, was designed with privacy in mind. Making it, in the words of Travel + Leisure, an “outdoor shower enthusiast’s dream.”

Private places

Each room at Awasi Atacama has an internal courtyard where guests can, of course, enjoy their outdoor shower, and also sits with a book, drink or enjoy any meals they order as room service.

Each room has a private sun terrace at Awasi Atacama

As well as spacious rooms and plenty of open air areas, great for stargazing, guests at Awasi Atacama are given a private guide and personal 4×4 vehicle so they can explore the surrounding Atacama Desert.

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