The beauty of nature cannot always be enjoyed by the human eye, not least because a huge amount of activity takes place during the night. This is one reason why our hidden cameras are such a wonderful resource: they give us an insight into the ongoings on the Patagonian landscapes that surround Awasi. 

The puma sits tall, guarding her guanaco kill. There are healthy populations of guanaco in Patagonia, they provide the main source of food for the region’s big cats. Closely related to the domesticated llama, herds of guanaco roam around the Awasi Reserve often coming close to the villas (we have 14 individual villas, each with a private hot tub, alongside the Main Lodge where meals are served in our Relais & Chateaux restaurant). The guanaco are harmless, and flighty if you attempt to approach them.

All cats, big and small, have a playful side. Young puma cubs can be seen practising their hunting techniques on passing guanaco or horses. It takes time to perfect a successful kill; guanaco can move very quickly and often escape unscathed.

The hidden cameras activate when they sense movement. We have a total of 15 cameras spread across our own territory and the surrounding estancias which we help to monitor. 

Guests are very welcome to get involved with the Awasi Puma Foundation, both with outings to see big cats and other fauna surrounding our Relais & Chateaux lodge. There is also the possibility to donate should anyone wish to support the our efforts to protect Patagonia’s puma population. 

The Awasi Puma Reserve is located on what was previously a working estancia (ranch / farm). We are renting the land in order to provide a safe area for the puma – they are protected in Torres del Paine National Park, but subject to poachers as soon as they stray outside the park. For more information or to get involved, please see our dedicated page or contact us at