However many times one manages to visit Southern Chile and Argentina, the link to this wonderful landscape cannot be as strong as it is for those who live there. This collection of photographs from Awasi Patagonia guide, Eduardo Minte, transmits one man’s attachment to this wild land, its inhabitants, wildlife and to our wonderful lodge.

A Patagonian gaucho with his companions. – Ph. Eduardo Minte

A gaucho faces away from the wind, as his two faithful companions sit alongside. This photograph was taken at Sierra Baguales, a wonderful place not far from Awasi Patagonia where you can feel at one with nature, far from anyone, simply engrossed in Patagonia.

Pumas in Patagonia – Watch them roam free in their natural habitat. Ph. Eduardo Minte

The mighty puma, a big cat that roams free across the grasslands of Patagonia, entering the private reserve in which Awasi Patagonia is built. Uninhibited by our lodge, pumas like this one pass by the villas as they return from a night’s hunt. Those lucky enough to lay eyes upon these regal creatures will always long for a second glimpse.

The Grey Glacier, one of the most famous ones in the Torres del Paine National Park – Ph. Eduardo Minte

The extremity and diversity of Patagonia is part of its appeal. Here we see someone paddle boarding in front of the blue ice wall of Glacier Grey in Torres del Paine National Park. Many of our guests ask their private guide to take them to visit this magnificent glacier.

Returning with flushed cheeks from a day spent in the elements, our guests return to their individual villas as the sun sets painting the world pink. This is the world’s southernmost Relais & Chateaux hotel, and one of our twelve villas is your home for the duration of your stay.

Awasi Patagonia – With only 14 Villas, it is the only luxury lodge in the region to provide a 100% Tailor Made experience: one private guide and 4WD for every room and Relais & Chateaux cuisine.