Every cloud bears a silver lining, and one positive thing about unexpectedly finding ourselves amid a global pandemic is that our team has had more time to spend with their families as the flow of guests visiting our three Relais & Chateaux lodges has slowed somewhat.

Trying to make the best of these times, we decided to offer our team the chance to being their families to their workplace for the day. You may have seen our blog about the Family Day at Awasi Atacama just after Easter, well next it was Awasi Iguazu’s turn to open its doors to the next generation.

There was a flurry of excitement as the children of our team arrived at Awasi Iguazu, many of them had never seen where their parent works and were excited to have a special invitation and behind the scenes access! We started the day in true Awasi style with transfers in our 4×4 vehicles from the centre of Puerto Iguazu to our Relais & Chateaux lodge, just 10 minutes away. This is how our guests arrive as each room has a dedicated vehicle, so we wanted our mini invitees to experience the real deal.

Upon arrival, we arranged a hotel tour starting off by passing by the laundry to meet Cori, who is in charge of making sure all our team members have clean and pressed uniform each day. This is the exact place where their parents begin their day. The children learned that Cori and the laundry team are also responsible for making sure the hotel linen is in tip top condition, as well as washing laundry handed in by our guests.

Next they visited the Maintenance Office where they learned how the team has to be on-hand and ready to fix anything that may need mending to ensure that the hotel is fully functioning. Then they visited the staff accommodation and the canteen where they met Estela who is in charge of staff meals each day – we make sure that our staff are offered fresh, healthy, varied and sustainably-sourced food in line with the United Nations recommendations

Having enjoyed running around and along the walkways that connect the 14 stand-alone villas, the children were invited inside a villa to see what they are like. Lastly, they went to the Main Lodge where they meet our Resident Manager Javier and enjoyed a special tour of the restaurant, bar and terrace. Here they were offered homemade biscuits prepared by Valentina, our pastry chef, whilst Santi our maitre offered them fresh fruit juice from the bar.

One of our 14 private villas. Photo by Susette Kok

The children were very excited and animated as they explored their parents place of work. During their snack, they were offered pencils and paper to draw something they had especially liked during their day at Awasi Iguazu. One of the children, Clari, was especially impressed by the bathtub and plunge pool in the villa – and by her watermelon juice. 

Juli loved the bar and restaurant and said she most enjoyed sitting on the tall chairs at the bar. For Ame the most amazing part of the day was seeing the jungle surrounding the villas and main lodge. Aisha said she thought the best part was making new friends and discovering the walkways between the villas, which she thought were like a labyrinth or adventure. For Liam his favourite part was simply the terrace built on stilts surrounding villa 8. We loved having the chance to share our hotel with the children of our wonderful team. It is so refreshing hearing the things they find most impressive, or least impressive! 

Awasi Iguazu is a 14 villa Relais & Chateaux lodge in Northern Argentina close to the iconic Iguazu Falls. Our unique offering includes a private guide and personal 4×4 vehicle per room.