When creating playlists on Spotify for our three Relais & Chateaux lodges, Awasi Atacama, Awasi Patagonia and Awasi Iguazu, we were inspired by the different environments in which our remote hotels are located. From the arid heights of the Atacama Desert to the glaciers and open plains of Patagonia, and then to Northern Argentina with its jungles and waterfalls, we are blessed to be surrounded by nature in very different forms.

So, how do you imagine a soundtrack for these different images? We selected music that we thought would go with these images of textures from the natural world surrounding us. 

As hoteliers, we believe in music as one of the essential ingredients for setting the atmosphere in our lodges – yet we also know that there must be time to enjoy the natural soundtrack of a destination so we don’t always play music! Do take a moment to listen to the Sounds of Iguazu courtesy of our very local winged musicians.  

One of the wonderful characteristics of music is its ability to transport you to a destination – perhaps those who have stayed at our hotels will be transported back to South America when they listen to our playlists.

Click here for the full selection of Awasi Playlists on Spotify. Or perhaps you might like to select a genre of music, jazz for example:

Or, if you prefer to base your music choice of the time of the day, here’s something we prepared for the afternoon:

We invite you to browse the full selection of Awasi Playlists on Spotify, you may like to add it to your favourites so you can be transported to South America thanks to the magic of music.