How can it be that the same experience can come out so differently in photographs taken from the same place? To be fair, at Awasi we never offer the same experience twice as each stay is based on each guest’s wishes and desires. Yet, not all photographs turn out like those of renowned Argentinian photographer, Luciano Bacchi. 

When Bacchi visited Awasi Patagonia, the result was a series of photos showcasing our Relais & Chateaux lodge and the surrounding landscape and wildlife at its most breathtaking – enchanting, haunting, inviting and soothing in equal measure.

A good tip from photographers is to think of different angles: get down low for example.  

At Awasi we know the places where nobody else goes. We will take you to spots where you can enjoy untouched Patagonia without a soul in sight.

The landscape ranges from soft and warm, to stark and barren. Hiking is always popular as you can see the changes unfold before your eyes.

There is no better expert than Mother Nature when it comes to blending and combining different colours. 

Darwin’s Rheas wander the Patagonia Steppe, a flightless bird described by Charles Darwin as “very rare” when he travelled Patagonia in 1833. Luckily, the population is doing well and is not under threat.

As well as pumas, guanacos, condors, eagles and foxes, the Awasi Patagonia reserve is inhabited by cows. Somewhat less exotic but also long-term inhabitants of Patagonia. 

We have 14 individual villas at Awasi Patagonia. The idea is that you can feel like an explorer with your own “outpost” nestled in the wilds of untouched Southern Chile.

Each villa has a large bathroom, outdoor hot tub and a sitting area with a wood burning stove.

Then, for socialising, eating and relaxing, we have the Main Lodge. 

As members of Relais & Chateaux, gastronomy is of utmost importance to our guests. Here we have a shrimp and cous cous dish created by our wonderful kitchen team headed up by Chef Matias Crosta.

Prawn ceviche served on a bed of spinach cous cous and tiger’s milk.

Have a sweet tooth? It won’t be neglected at Awasi!

Bitter chocolate and Merken parfait, created by Chef Matias Crosta and his team.

The Awasi bar is the heart of the Main Lodge, a place where guests gather to chat about their day and order a special cocktail, brew or glass of wine from the expert bar team.

Pisco, calafate berry cordial, grapefruit and homemade lenga syrup cocktail.

Days are spent exploring the wide plains and high peaks of Patagonia. Often guests find that after visiting the famous Torres del Paine Mountain Range, all they want to do is step away from the crowds and visit the lesser-known, unknown spots only available to Awasi guests.

Cloud gazers will love the displays created on the Patagonian skies. Somehow the sky seems larger down at the tip of the Southern Hemisphere.

Sunsets put on an extra special show.

As well as seeing the close-ups of the Torres del Paine Mountain Range from hikes such as the trek to the base of the towers, it is worth getting a view with a bit of perspective. Have you ever seen the moon and sun alongside like this? Almost like they are hanging out admiring the view.

Finally, don’t forget to sign the Awasi Guest Book, a log book of past stays documenting our guests’ favourite moments. From all corners of the globe they have travelled to our lodge, the world’s southernmost Relais & Chateaux property.