British travel journalist Mark C. O’Flaherty recently travelled to Awasi Patagonia to write an article for The Daily Telegraph

“Awasi is rustic, and filled with the aroma of its wooden structures, and usually an open fire,” writes O’Flaherty of his stay at our 14-room Relais & Chateaux lodge. 

“You have your own guide throughout your stay,” continues the journalist, “I drove around the terrain close to Torres del Paine with my guide Daniella from the Awasi lodge. We didn’t see another car on the road for hours.”

Each room has a private 4×4 vehicle and personal guide

The Telegraph article mentions how the Awasi Patagonia “dining tables are decorated with local folk dolls.”

There are no longer native communities living in Southern Chile, but prior to the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s, the Tehuelches Indians were found across Patagonia.

Not just any dolls, these are locally-made references to the native tribes that once inhabited Patagonia

As a tribute to the people who once inhabited these parts, we place the dolls pictured above on place mats at meals. Read more about the Tehuelches here.


Captivated by the mythology and mystery of southern Chile, the British writer says: “The folklore and weirdness of Patagonia are extraordinary. Sitting in the wood-lined lodge at Awasi surrounded by shearling and soft leather furniture, I stared out at the 10pm sunset over the three spikes of Torres del Paine, each summit disappearing into the clouds.” 

All the 14 villas at Awasi Patagonia have views of the iconic “towers” of Torres del Paine mountain range

“They are magnetic as well as magnificent. I’ve read several accounts of people who have ascended them since the late 1950s, and everyone’s experience sounds transcendental, but impossible without a lifetime of dedication. I was happy to stare at them from a position of comfort.”


Each room at Awasi Patagonia has a wood-fuelled hot tub overlooking Torres del Paine 

“Huge private villas are dotted around the grounds,” continues O’Flaherty, “complete with outdoor hot tubs.” 

The epic landscapes of Torres del Paine, Patagonia

“For a meditative (as well as luxurious) experience, Awasi arranges a private chef to prepare lunch on a campsite in Torres del Paine National Park, complete with chequered tablecloth, fine wine glasses, Japanese-accented sesame and guanaco tataki, gnocchi with mushrooms and an amazing view of the mountains in the distance.”


One of the picnics during a stay at Awasi Patagonia

“There were thundering waterfalls and milky rivers full of minerals that looked tempting on a sunny day, but would freeze you instantly.”

With a nod to the incredible remoteness of Torres del Paine, O’Flaherty ends his piece by saying “Tourists are relatively few… this is a long way from anywhere… And that is the point.”

Awasi Patagonia is a 14-villa luxury lodge. Each room has a dedicated guide and private vehicle for the duration of each stay. There are no set excursions, experiences are bespoke and designed for each individual guest.