The air in Patagonia is so crystal-clear that a lichen known for growing only in areas with no pollution coats the native woodland on the Awasi Patagonia private reserve. The human eye can detect the lack of pollution, and many guests comment that the view across to the Torres del Paine mountain range from the Awasi lodge feels like you are seeing in high-definition.

Torres del Paine by Deborah Hunter Mills

For artists, the urge to recreate Patagonia’s incredible landscapes in paint is almost overwhelming. “My family and I had a fantastic stay at Awasi Patagonia in February, guided by Chris and Christian,” wrote Deborah Hunter Mills following her trip. “I am a painter and found the landscape of Torres del Paine very inspiring.”

By Deborah Hunter Mills

With the private guide concept specific to all three Awasi lodges (each room is allocated a personal guide and 4×4 vehicle), it is not uncommon for guests to strike up a friendship with guides and keep in contact after their stay.

Similarly, Deborah kindly reached out to share the paintings she created since her return to Australia. You can see more of her work on her instagram account here

By Deborah Hunter Mills

It is wonderful to see artists be inspired by the landscape around Awasi Patagonia. In fact, we have one such artwork on display in the lodge – Patricia Claro is a renowned Chilean visual artist specializing in water themes. She has made a visual investigation on the theme of landscape and water by means of painting with oil on canvas, in addition to making videos, installations, prints and photographs that showcase the mirror-like qualities of water.

Patricia Claro’s painting being set up as a central piece in Awasi Patagonia’s Main Lodge.

As well as painters, we have had jewellery designers create beautiful pieces inspired by their time with us in Patagonia. When Alexandra Khouri set off to Patagonia to spend her honeymoon at our luxury lodge overlooking the Torres del Paine Mountain Range, she was hoping to eat well and spend long days outdoors. What she didn’t imagine was that Patagonia would inspire her new jewellery line.

Plus, up at Awasi Iguazu in Northern Argentina, we had British shoe designer Penelope Chilvers visit Awasi Iguazu as part of her trip to gain inspiration for her next designs. “My collections nearly always come from travel,” Penelope Chilvers.

We will leave you with one last piece from our latest artist-in-residence, and look forward to many more to come.

By Deborah Hunter Mills