The Australian published an article in its magazine, Travel + Luxury, uncovering 10 of the Best Adventure tours.

“These days,” writes journalist Nikki Wallman, “enjoying exhilarating travel experiences doesn’t mean foregoing creature comforts – luxury can be found in the most remote and wild destinations.”

In at number nine comes Awasi, with all three of our Relais & Chateaux lodges mentioned as an example of “luxury with a low-environment impact”. 

Sense of place

Julie McIntosh from Australian travel company, The Classic Safari Co., says that each of our lodges “captures the essence of the wilderness around them.” 

Achieving a sense of place in three very different corners of South America (the desert, jungle and glaciers) sits at the heart of our concept.

Our three hotels are very different and the reason for this is to reflect their very different locations.

Our three lodges: Awasi Patagonia, Awasi Iguazu and Awasi Atacama

Redefining Iguazu

Clark Kotula talks about how Awasi has “recreated” Iguazu as a destination. What was once a “one night destination” is now somewhere with activities to keep you busy for a week

From unexpected visits to Jesuit Missionary Ruins to outings on the Awasi boats, our highly-experienced team of private guides are experts in showing our guests the flora and fauna of the Atlantic Rainforest

An adventurous bike ride through the lesser-known parts of the Argentine Iguazu National Park.

And don’t forget the Awasi early access to the Iguazu Falls!

Each room at all of our three lodges has a personal guide and vehicle. Awasi is the place for exploring at your pace, following your particular interests and desires.