No two Awasi experiences – be your trip be to Iguazu, PatagoniaAtacama (or all three!) – are the same. Having your own private guide and 4WD for the duration of your stay means you can design your stay so it’s the perfect fit for you.

Our highly trained and enthusiastic guides are constantly on the look out for new excursions, and in Iguazu we are always discovering new places. Therefore we have decided to expand the menu of excursions with some new additions to those already on offer. For a full, updated list of excursions available at Awasi Iguazu, follow this link – remember these are outlines of what we offer, there are no set departure times as each room has its own private guide, so booking excursions ahead is not necessary.

Lago Uruguai

This reservoir, whilst man-made, has become a pristine landscape in the forest and a great place for non-motorised watersports. In fact, certain zones are restricted as they are used by various NGOs to reintroduce endangered animals to the wild, and the area is home to capybaras and otters. Only 45 minutes from Awasi, guests can take a ride on a lancha, enjoy some kayaking or try their hand at stand up paddle boarding – a fun activity with a growing following that can be enjoyed both sitting, kneeling or standing up, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling! The calm and tranquil lake is the perfect spot to try it out. One particularly interesting site is the submerged forest – the last vestiges of the woodland flooded to create the lake – which create an eerily atmospheric area to paddle through.

Survival skills

Minutes from Awasi Iguazu, on some land lent by the military, we have designed a course to challenge even our most intrepid guests – jungle survival and bushcraft skills. Summon your inner Bear Grylls and learn how to light a fire without matches, collect and filter water, set up traps and forage for food whilst avoiding the poisonous plants that thrive in these forests. Whilst you will be very well fed and watered at our Relais & Chateaux lodge, you never know when such tips could come in handy!

Forest Bathing

Whilst still in development, growing interest in the healing properties of the woodland and forests has made us think about how to incorporate forest bathing in to our excursions. Otherwise known as Shinrin Yoku, forest bathing has emerged from Japan as a way to use meditative techniques and the properties of forests – the peaceful, clean atmosphere combined with the sounds and smells – to enhance well-being and mental health. 

El Ñandu Bike Ride

For mountain bike enthusiasts, jump on a bike and zoom along the red dirt tracks that wind through the Atlantic Rainforest and on into Iguazu national park towards the falls themselves. The paths wind along the Iguazu river above the falls, taking you close enough to catch glimpses of the mist rising from the Devil’s Throat.

Puerto Peninsular Park

This protected reserve is one of the closest to Awasi Iguazu along with the Iguazu National Park, but in the opposite direction towards the Paraná River. Off the beaten track and with a huge degree of biodiversity, the reserve is the perfect spot to enjoy the peace and serenity that the jungle has to offer. Our guides work closely with the park rangers, searching and identifying traces of native fauna, installing hidden cameras and checking footprints to identify wildlife. Guests are welcome to accompany the guides as they carry out these tasks, or simply enjoy the trails that wind through this pristine virgin forest.

For the full Awasi Iguazu excursion, see here list see here.