“You check in to this stylish, 14-villa property in the Argentinean jungle with one thing in mind…” writes Travel + Leisure Editor in Chief, Jacqueline Gifford, who was one of our first ever guests at Awasi Iguazu.

“…seeing Iguazú Falls, a series of 275 towering cascades on the Brazilian border that attract more than 1 million visitors every year. And you will see them, with early access to beat the crowds, and accompanied by a private guide, an expert naturalist assigned to you for the duration of your stay.”

Gifford wrote a full-length feature after her stay, and has turned her pen again to write about our lodge in Northern Argentina for the prestigious “It List”, the Travel + Leisure editors’ pick of the best new hotels in the world.

A true Awasi Ambassador, she understands how we are going beyond the surface at Awasi Iguazu, re-inventing Argentina’s second-most visited spot with excursions that cover the best of the falls, but also so much more.

“Just as special is Awasi Iguazú’s roster of activities beyond the star attraction — all of which are included in the price of your visit. Kayak down the Yacuí River, through remote Atlantic rain forest; meet an indigenous Guarani community; and wander the ruins of the Jesuit mission at San Ignacio Miní, a unesco World Heritage site (the full-day road trip is well worth it).”

We believe that a successful trip must include the very best activities, accommodation and gastronomy. Our lodges are made special by our wonderful staff who are driven to make each stay individual and unforgettable.  

“Each excursion brings a new perspective to this well-trodden destination,” continues the review, “just as the thoughtful, seemingly effortless service from the Awasi team raises the bar for hospitality in an area long lacking in luxury hotels.”

Awasi Iguazu is the newest of our three Relais & Chateaux hotels in South America, it opened in Feb 2018 and has 14 villas each with its own private guide and 4WD. The Travel + Leisure piece was published in the magazine and online.