Travel and gastronomy writer Fernanda Fehring published an article in Harper’s Bazaar Brasil following her recent stay at Awasi Iguazu.

Using photos taken by Fernanda during her stay, the piece is titled ‘AWASI IGUAZÚ: A haven of tranquility and good taste surrounded by the Atlantic Forest’.

Tailor-made expeditions & tasteful spaces

“The hotel is the newest among the hotels of the Awasi group,” writes Fehring “which has two other properties in Chile – one in the Atacama Desert and the other in Torres del Paine. The group’s concept is also strongly present in Iguazú and the hotel focuses on tailor-made expeditions, tasteful spaces, excellent cuisine and high-level service. The hotel’s main building is divided into several small rooms and surrounded by glass windows, which bring into the spaces the generous beauty of the forest.”


A balm for any mortal

“The good taste and warmth of the decor are the strengths of each suite,” continues the Brazilian writer, “the kind of place you can stay for hours and hours without wanting to leave. All cabins are low-tech, meaning no TV or gadgets, perfect for resting your body and head. What’s very special about the living area is an extremely comfortable armchair – perfect for an afternoon reading listening to the noise of birds and insects coming from the forest. A balm for any mortal in times of (almost) full-time technological connection.”

A melting pot 

“The hotel’s cuisine deserves to be highlighted, as it is simply sensational. Chef Manu Agrelo presents a menu full of regional references, with dishes created with great sensitivity and respect for the traditions of the province of Misiones. Of course, there are also classic Argentine dishes that we love so much, such as empanadas and ojo de bife. The hotel offers a tasting menu, paired with local wines, through which you can discover a little of the history and colonization of the place. Holopchi represents Ukrainian immigration from the mid-20th Century, Mandió Chyryry is a Guerani specialty, Puvero Reviro represents the mixed culture at this tri-border area between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.” 

Fernanda with Chef Manu

Biodiversity in the National Park

“The national park, as a whole, is also of extraordinary beauty and is home to many species of plants and animals, has more than 250 types of butterflies, almost two dozen species of fish and is home to many toucans, monkeys and insects. generally. There are also more than 70 species of mammals, such as jaguars and pumas, ocelots, tapirs, agoutis, deer, capybaras and coatis.”

This was not Fernanda’s first Awasi experience, as she recounts: “Before arriving at the hotel, I already imagined that Awasi Iguazú would offer some kind of spectacular experience at the falls. As I had already visited Awasi Atacama and was familiar with the concept of the group’s hotels – which includes a 4×4 vehicle for each suite and full autonomy in choosing and conducting activities – I knew that something very cool would be possible in this regard.”

Early access to the Iguazu Falls

“The big attraction on the Argentinian side of the falls, the Garganta del Diablo,” writes Fernanda, “was chosen for the kind of unforgettable experience, and we woke up at 6am to try to dodge the traffic of people visiting the attraction. The idea was to make a 4 km trail to the entrance of the waterfall and take the place completely empty, before the arrival of tourists. The plan worked and we had a good 15 minutes to enjoy the sensational spectacle of nature in the Gorge – the point with the largest volume of water in the falls and owner of a powerful energy. There were incredible moments spent in one of the most impressive places in South America. Thanks for that, Awasi!”

“After our special morning, we went on to do the high and low circuits, and we got to know the other largest waterfalls in the park, the magnificent San Martin, Bosseti and Two Sisters. Spectacular!”

The unexpected side of Iguazu

“The second scheduled expedition was to the Yacuí Reserve,  which is 1 hour and 50 minutes from the hotel. It is a private conservation reserve owned by Awasi, with an area of 130 hectares. On site, there is a small support hut and trails through the Atlantic Forest, where you can observe the fauna and flora. Highlights here are kayaking on the river and bird-watching, as the region has approximately 400 species of birds. In the region of Iguazu, with a predominance of inland Atlantic Forest, it is estimated that there are more than 3,000 species of plants.”

Saving something for next time

There is seldom time to do everything in one visit, unless you come for an extended period of time. Fernanda mentions the “other interesting activities offered by the hotel, including a visit to the ruins of the 18th century Jesuit missions in San Ignacio Miní, Loreto and Santa Ana, a region that is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, and a visit to the Guarani community that inhabits the reserve. from Yriapu. Two programs that were on my wishlist to do on a next visit to the hotel.”

San Ignacio Mini – Jesuit Missionary Ruins (3 hours from Awasi Iguazu)

“The Awasi Iguazú is without a doubt one of the most adorable hotels on the continent.,” concludes Fernanda. “Beautiful, comfortable, with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that invites everyone to explore the beautiful region, with all the comfort and attention possible. The hotel’s service is extremely professional and its staff is admirably kind and caring for its visitors. From the restaurant and bar staff, to the maids and front desk employees, all very friendly and very competent.”

The highlight?

“The absolute highlight goes to our guide, Carlos, an extremely kind person and a very prepared professional, who enjoyed with us every second of everything we did there.”

Awasi Iguazu private guide, Carlos

“Awasi Iguazú is a destination hotel and excellent not only as a base for doing the many activities in the region” says Fernanda as she sums up her stay at our Relais & Chateaux lodge. “It is true that enjoying the beauty of the Cataratas and Iguazú National Parks alone would be worth the trip. But the hotel is also an excellent place to rest, enjoy the property and its cuisine. The service at Awasi hotels is impeccable and the property in Iguazú is no exception to this rule.”

You can read the full Harpers Bazaar article (in Portuguese) here.