What are your favourite experiences in and around Iguazu?

I love watching symbiosis and completion, enjoying different perfumes and fantastic colours – Iguazu fascinates me. I also love hiking in the Atlantic Rainforest, it’s my favorite place for exploring.   

Are there any animals you can spot in the Atlantic Rainforest that you can’t spot anywhere else?

The Atlantic Rainforest is one of the richest places on our planet, with approximately 19,000 species of plants, and more than a 100 species of mammals. The Misiones Province has more than 50% of all Argentinean birds. For me, the most special part are the Atlantic forest trails where you can see groups of plants, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperm and Angiosperms. In terms of nature, we see Ocelots tracks (and hidden camera images) and ants protecting other insects. I could list so many unique species in this amazing ecosystem – the Atlantic rainforest will always surprise you.

Ocelot passing by a hidden camera in one of the areas monitored by Awasi

Can you tell you us something amazing/surprising people don’t know about Misiones?

Did you know that Misiones is an amazing place to learn about the Guarani & Jesuits history, and that here we have the biggest biodiversity in Argentina? And one of the three biggest falls all over the world!

Also, when visiting you might be lucky enough to see a Toco-toucan trying to attack a Red-Rumped Cacique nest – it is fantastic to see how these birds build their nests from the Pindo palm tree. Some biologists believe the Toco Toucan and Cacique bird have been evolving during the time: the deeper the Cacique builds his nest, the longer the Toucan bill grows.

Toco Toucan by @claumello

When is the best time to visit the Iguazu Falls? And when is the best time for spotting Wildlife?

The best time to see the falls is low season (less visitors), and it’s ideal for hiking as it’s not so hot. This would be April and October. It’s possible to spot wildlife all year round; insects have amazing camouflage here but if you’re patient you will spot a Tiger ant hunting or see the symbiosis between Azteca ant and Cecropia tree. We have more than 500 species of butterflies and most of them, like birds, are active year-round.

Awasi’s private outings will make it possible to explore the entire Misiones area, rather than just the Falls

Do you have a favourite bird or birdsong?

The Atlantic rainforest is so rich with its species of birds, so many colours, so many songs. I am always astonished when I hear the White-Bearded Manakin, such a small bird which is able to perform such a loud mix of tones by moving its wings – these experiences make the forest even more mystic and alive.

Click here to listen to the birdsong surrounding Awasi Iguazu, our Relais & Chateaux lodge in the Atlantic Rainforest 

Are you local to Iguazu? What made you want to be a guide in Iguazu?

Yes. I grew up in the countryside until I was 11 years old and always felt connected to nature. As a biologist I love to share the beautiful biodiversity, and I also like geology and anthropology very much. With Awasi. I am able to delve deeper into all the issues I most love!

Everybody visiting Iguazu will see the Falls. But with a knowledgeable guide, you will discover what lies beyond them.

What are the benefits of visiting the falls with Awasi?

With more than 10 years’ experience as a guide visiting the Atlantic rainforest, I never had access or experiences like I do now with Awasi. I can personalize all the tours according to the guest’s tastes and this is great! 

Although I have been doing this for quite some years, I underwent a lot of preparation to become an Awasi guide and now know the secrets to show the local culture and the Atlantic rainforest in a way you have never seen before.

Awasi is the only luxury lodge in Iguazu that allows their guests to experience the Rainforest at their own pace. Pic: Susette Kok

For more information about Awasi Iguazu – Relais & Chateaux and the possibility of having your private guide and vehicle for every excursion, visit www.awasiguazu.com or contact us at info@awasi.com