“Iguazu is a spectacle worth saving, travelling, planning for,” writes Maria Shollenbarger, editor-at-large for the Financial Times HTSI.  

“It is a breathtakingly beautiful place: not just the 2.7km-long falls, though I felt my brain was still faintly shaking in my skull days later from the thunderous, almost unfathomable spectacle of its thousands of tonnes of falling water; but also the surrounding rainforest, which is a glorious assault of plant and animal life.”

Shollenbarger stayed at Awasi Iguazu with Penelope Chilvers in 2018. She still remembers her stay at Awasi Iguazú: “the lodge I slept at,” writes the experienced journalist “remains one of the most impressive wilderness stays I’ve had.”

The article recognises the importance of guiding to truly experience a destination.

“If you have a good guide, you will be totally immersed in nature,” says Shollenbarger, “swimming in tributaries, donning thigh-high boots to ford streams, hiking trails across which flowering vines swoop like party streamers, the canopy above you clicking and cheeping and hooting all the while.”

“My guide happened to be one of the best, thanks to Awasi Iguazú,” writes Shollenbarger. “They’ve hit on a good formula: each of the 14 rooms is assigned its own private guide and four-wheel-drive”.

As well as appreciating the flexibility and quality of our private guides, Shollenbarger explains how “unlike other of the fine hotels around the Falls, Awasi guides focus as much on the surrounding concessions, some of them private, to which they have special access.”

Awasi Iguazu is a 14-villa Relais & Chateaux property in Northern Argentina.

In the words of the Financial Times: “The Lodge itself is stunning, with a small and considered footprint, comfortable lounge areas under whitewashed timber ceilings, and delicious, creative food.” 

Just 15 minutes from the Iguazu Falls, Awasi is the ultimate way to experience this famous corner of Argentina with exclusive early access to the falls, plus private guides to explore the (largely unknown) Atlantic Rainforest.