Instants, the online magazine by Relais & Chateaux, has started a new artistic campaign for the summer of 2019 inspired by the unique architecture of Relais & Chateaux properties around the world.

The campaign has been put together in partnership with Papier Magazine, a bi-annual magazine dedicated to contemporary illustration. In each issue, some twenty illustrators from around the world are invited to express themselves on a given theme – in this instance, the theme is houses, hotels or architectural features from their country of origin.

And to kick things off they started with Awasi Patagonia, our 14 bedroom lodge in southern Chile. A stunning, vibrant painting by Chilean artist Jorge Roa is the first posting of the campaign, inspired by the breathtaking scenery of the famous towers of Torres del Paine.

Jorge Roa studied Industrial Design before becoming a full-time illustrator. His first drawings were published 15 years ago for a Chilean newspaper, and he is now designing a book of illustrations. Congratulations to Jorge for being asked to contribute to such a great campaign.

Given its setting in the wild landscape of Chilean Patagonia, it’s no surprise that Jorge isn’t the first artist to be inspired by Awasi Patagonia.

Artist Kim Bullen was inspired to paint the view from Awasi Patagonia’s main lodge when she saw her friend’s holiday snaps. “Awasi awakens the spirit and brings us to creation itself” wrote the artist when she shared her painting.

Then there was jewellery designer Alexandra Khouri, who spent her honeymoon at Awasi Patagonia. The experience led to the creation of her Awasi jewellery line, inspired by the views from the lodge after a day trekking the famous W trail.

And before both of these came Patricia Claro, a renowned Chilean visual artist specializing in water themes, who was commissioned to paint a piece that hangs on the wall of the main lodge when the hotel was first being built.

An illustrator, an oil painter, a jewellery designer and a visual artist – just a handful of the artists inspired by the striking design and setting of Awasi Patagonia. Will you be next?