A recent article in an Argentinian publication, Rio Negro, featured Awasi Patagonia our 14-room lodge in Southern Chile.

The challenge faced by Chilean Architect, Felipe Assadi, was to create a hotel that fits in with its surroundings and has the lowest possible environmental impact.

The Awasi team chose Assadi’s design from the selection of architects who proposed plans. Why? Because the design deconstructs the traditional hotel building. Instead of the classic hotel corridor leading to hotel rooms, Awasi Patagonia has 14 individual villas built on stilts for minimal environmental impact.

Sensitive to its surroundings

Not only is Awasi Patagonia built using local lenga wood, but the whole lodge could be deconstructed leaving no signs that it was ever there. Furthermore, Awasi as a company is fully carbon neutral.

Awasi Patagonia and the Awasi Private Reserve, as seen from below

Patagonia is a land of explorers and adventure. Since the 1830s when Charles Darwin and Captain Fitzroy first stepped foot in Patagonia, these wild lands have attracted visitors from far and wide.

A traveller not a tourist

There is something wild and untameable about Patagonia, sometimes called “the end of the world” for its southernmost location. 

As such, the private experiences at Awasi work very well with the environment: Awasi guests create an experience in fitting with their own interests and levels of fitness. See our interactive excursion website here.

A villa at Awasi Patagonia

Live like an explorer

Similarly, we think that having your own villa works very well in this unique and extreme place. 

As your curl up by your wood-burning stove, a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, you can feel truly immersed in Patagonia.

The Main Lodge

The heart of things

The Main Lodge is the heart of our spaced-out, low-impact hotel. Head to the bar and our barmen will create a cocktail for you, or serve a glass of Chilean wine. 

With the aim of giving the most authentic experience, Assadi’s inspiration for Awasi Patagonia came from the traditional ranch outposts found in the area.

We believe that if you travel to the world’s southernmost Relais & Chateaux hotel, you should be rewarded with an experience in fitting with the local history and culture.