Guanaco Tartar

170 gr fresh guanaco fillet
20 gr red onion
20 gr pickled carrot
20 gr pickled gerkin
6 gr radishes
25 gr dijón mustard
6 gr spring onion
10 gr capers
20 gr wine vinager
20 gr water
5 gr sugar
5 cc Worcestershire sauce
10 gr olive oil
Patagonian vinagrillo leaves
Patagonian parsley
Patagonian oxalis
10 cc merken mayonnaise
8 gr lemon juice
3 gr salt
4 gr black pepper


A day before cooking, dissolve the Patagonian oxalis in sugar, salt and wáter. Add the onion and carrot and store until the next day.

Cut the meat into cubes and refrigerate.

Fry half the capers in oil until they open and are crispy. Chop the rest.

Cut the gerkins and radishes in fine strips.

Prepare 50g of mayonnaise and spice with merken.

Mix the Worcestershire sauce with olive oil, mustard, the chopped capers, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Just a few minutes before serving place the meat in a bowl and slowly mix in the spting onion and carrot. Then decorate with the remaining ingredients.

Buen provecho!