We would like to share a recipe that you might like to try at home. It is a favourite of Chef Juan Pablo of Awasi Atacama, our 12 room lodge in Northern Chile’s Atacama Desert.


Portions: 4

Preparation Time: 15 minutes approx.


· 400g Scallops

· 4 Pomegranates

· 2 Limes

· 1 Green Chili pepper

· 1 Avocado

· Microgreens (e.g. rocket  or cilantro sprouts) and/or edible flowers

· Olive oil to taste

· Salt to taste

Scallop carpaccio by Awasi Atacama’s Chef Juan Pablo


· Cut the scallops into slices.

· Combine 50 cc of pomegranate juice and 10 cc of lemon juice. Add salt to taste to form a vinaigrette, and set apart.

· Place the scallop slices on the presentation plate.

· Season with lime zest, salt and a few drops of lime juice and olive oil.

· Cut the avocado into cubes and place on top of the scallops.

· Decorate with chili peppers, pomegranate seeds, microgreens and/or edible flowers, and some olive oil.

Chefs tip: everything looks better in uneven numbers.

· Right before serving, whisk together the pomegranate + lime juice vinaigrette and top the scallops. Serve while still frothy.


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