The finished work

How was the idea for this painting born?

On a photographic expedition that I made to the Grey glaciers, sponsored by FONDART (funds provided by the Chilean Government for art projects) I took this picture that I had saved amongst my archives, waiting for the precise moment and place in which to interpret it in paint. I wanted this piece, this wall in the center of the room between the two fireplaces, to be a window of light looking outwards and to bring the same light displayed among the Patagonian landscapes into the interior space.

The monumental work of art being transported to our remote hotel.

Where did you get the inspiration?

Being in that place, Puerto Prat, and watching the sunset beside the channels of the Almirante Montt Gulf, I tried to capture with my camera the back-lit images that are so characteristic of Patagonia. That immensity in which you have such great distance that enables you to view many different planes at the same time, each illuminated according to the light they receive. In this painting, the depth of countryside is marked by the different intensities of the colors, brightness and opacity, with an emphasis between the farthest planes, very blurry and melting into the sky, in contrast to the typical wooden fences, which are treated with greater realism.

The painting being set up as a central piece of Awasi Patagonia’s Main Lodge.

What is your relationship with Awasi Patagonia?

I was moved to be involved from the first stage of the development of this project, of this hotel, and to explore this place on foot, amongst the snow, searching for the best places in which to situate the villas, along with my husband, who is one of the owners of Awasi.
​They commissioned me to make this painting when they were just starting to build the hotel. It has been a long wait, in which I have given the time to this painting necessary to achieve the lighting that I wanted to convey.