Christmas is just around the corner, and wherever you are there’s no better way to spend it than surrounded by loved ones… with a cocktail in hand!

To this end, our Bartenders at Awasi Atacama, Patagonia and Iguazu have chosen their favourite festive cocktail recipes so you can add some South American spirit this Christmas. Salud!

Cola de Mono – Chosen by Awasi Atacama Bartender Cristian Riquelme.

A traditional Chilean cocktail served during the festive season, it is thought the drink was named after Chilean President Manuel “El Mono” Montt. Preparing to leave a party one evening, he asked for his hat and his revolver, a Colt. Guests persuaded him to stay and, once the wine had been finished and with thirsty guests clamoring for more, he mixed milk, coffee, aguardiente and sugar in an improvised cocktail. The drink gained popularity and began to be referred to as “Colt de Montt”, before morphing in to Cola de Mono. 


Vaina – Chosen by Awasi Patagonia Bartenders David Montalvo and Omar Benitez.

Particularly popular during the swinging ’60s and ’70s, this cocktail is enjoying something of a resurgence amongst Chile’s older crowds. A recent guest to Awasi Patagonia (the world’s southernmost Relais & Chateaux hotel) returning to Chile after 30 years, was reminiscing to the bar staff about a cocktail he used to drink on his last trip. Sadly he had forgotten the name, and indeed several of the key ingredients, and was at a loss as to how to rediscover the drink. With a knowing smile, the bartenders got to work and served up a Vaina to our musing guest, who took a sip and knew – this was the one! Groovy baby!



Clericó – Chosen by Awasi Iguazu Bartender Celeste Sanabria and Sommelier Dana Córdoba.

A popular summer drink ideally suited to the Southern Hemisphere’s festive season, the Clericó is cool, refreshing and great for get togethers. Whilst it can include any fruit, our recipe is an Iguazu speciality, with pineapple, pomegranate and other tropical fruits typical of the Atlantic Rainforest. It can also be made with red wine, but for a clean, refreshing thirst quencher stick with a crisp, dry white. And when you’ve finished don’t throw away the fruit! The tasty chunks will have picked up some of the alcohol and other flavours for a tasty treat.


Merry Christmas from the Awasi team, and Best Wishes for a joyful 2020!

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