Art and Nature: two elements indispensable for the subsistence of human spirit.

Awasi Relais & Châteaux is a collection of three small luxury lodges located in one of the most exceptional destinations in South America. More than a trip, Awasi is a state of mind - recognising time, space, and silence as our greatest priviliges.

We collaborate with artists to help us reinforce - through their creative practice - the value of the native ecosystems that we work so diligently to preserve. Awasi believes in the equal and combined transformational power of art and nature as well as their innate ability to heal our souls.

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home”

- Mary Oliver

The otherworldly natural landscape surrounding Awasi properties, the native flavors and the encounter of the cultural heritage of the region will serve both as a source of inspiration and stimulation for your own creative development.


Our initiative

  • Prior to the trip

    • We have organized a series of private talks given by Awasi experts for you to learn about our location, its history and the Atlantic Rainforest. These are tailored to your interests in order to assist you in the development of a preliminary plan to make the most of your stay. The flights are covered by each artist, yet, our team is available to assist with the travel booking information.

  • All-inclusive program

    • Upon arrival at the Iguazú airport, a member of our team will greet the artists and take them to the hotel. The Awasi Artist Immersion includes accommodation, all-meals from our Relais & Châteaux restaurant and private excursions. Each artist will be allocated their own private guide with a 4WD vehicle so that excursions are crafted around the needs, preferences and tempo of each guest.

  • While in-residence

    • We want artists to document their adventures, discoveries and anything that captivates their attention in a way that inspires them the most. This could be done through sketches, drawings, paintings or by taking notes, videos and photographs. Although we will not be providing the materials that each artist might need for their artistic practice, if requested in advance, we can make arrangements for someone to assist them (for example, to digitally document their stay through videos or photographs).

  • Outcome

    • Once back in the artist’s studio, your documentation will serve as the pivot for the Awasi Artist Immersion project. We greatly look forward to seeing how this experience stimulates your creativity through the projects, writings, or collection of works that come about after this encounter. Should an exhibition take place, Awasi clients will be invited to the inauguration event to showcase our new projects and expand each other's client base.

      Artists are welcome to leave an art piece at Awasi Iguazú, we can work together to discuss the possibilities of what can be done. We are thrilled for Awasi’s clientele to discover how this journey has inspired you.

Discover the artists who collaborated with us before: