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Film Collection

Awasi is all about stories, culture, nature and moments. Over the years we have been creating a series of films to bring you a taste of The Awasi Experience. From short 10 second tastes to micro-documentaries focussing on the people and places that make our lodges what they are.

About the content

At Awasi, we love that feeling of surprise and wonder so reminiscent of childhood. One thing we all share from those former years is remembering the joy of discovering a secret gift, a little treasure for you alone to find. We believe that travelling is finding those little gifts in unexpected moments, and treasuring them to become valuable memories.

Art Immersions

At Awasi, we believe that Nature and Art are deeply intertwined. They are both valuable, fragile and essential for human beings. Over the last years, we have found ourselves collaborating increasingly with artists, providing a setting amongst nature where each one could find unique inspiration. Awasi was conceived from the idea that every journey should intimately connect us with nature to deeply discover new destinations and to enrich our own existence. May art and nature always inspire, elevate and transform us.

Ingrid Weyland

Topographies of Fragility

Ingrid Weyland is an Argentina photographer whose work has been exhibited in cultural institutions and galleries around the world. She visited Awasi Iguazu and produced a collection of unique works titled “Topographies of Fragility”, where she applies crumpled images on top photographs to highlight the impact man has on nature.


Teresa Marcaida and Ingrid Weyland

Nature, Art and Mankind

Teresa Marcaida and Ingrid Weyland collaborated to produce an intersection between dance and photography. 


Stella Nanni

Art as Way of Healing

Stella Nanni is a Brazilian artist and designer who has been internationally awarded for her sustainable art practice. A few years ago, Nanni together with her son Gabriel founded the Tattoo Truck Tour and traveled to several places in Latin America providing free tattoos for cancer survivors. 

During their visit to Awasi Iguazú, Stella Nanni spoke with the local women who had suffered in various ways and with wounds they wanted to cover up so that she could help them find beauty again through her tattoos.


Eugenia Soma

Natural elements become art

Eugenia Soma is an Argentine artist and graphic designer. She visited Awasi Iguazú and spent three days teaching children from the Guaraní community as part of our initiative to support the Yasy Pora school. 

The workshop involved sketching, drawing, tracing and coloring, with a focus on local flora and fauna.


Angela Bulich & Matt Banahan

Design, Nature & Art

Angela Bulich is a North American jewelry designer and founder of the atelier Leather Stone Metal and Matt Banahan is a North American photographer.

They visited Awasi Iguazú for Bulich to get inspired by the essence, magic and rich biodiversity of the Atlantic Rainforest and create a small limited collection. 


Teresa Marcaida

Nature, Art and Mankind

Teresa Marcaida is an argentine dancer and choreographer who graduated from The Juilliard School in New York and has taken part in some of the most prestigious dance companies in Germany, Italy and Canada. Marcaida visited Awasi Atacama and Awasi Iguazu to film “A Peculiar Quietness”, a homage to “nature as a form of art”.


Andrés Paredes

Trama y Desenlace

Andrés Paredes is an argentine visual artist and graphic designer who visited Awasi Iguazú to install a sculpture made of misiones isipó lianas and pindó branches so that it can eventually be consumed by the Atlantic Rainforest. 


Cecilia Nigro

Cuando me baje el alma al cuerpo

Cecilia Nigro is an argentine ceramist. She visited Awasi Iguazu to experiment with Ñaú mud, a material found along riverbanks and used by Guaraní communities to make pottery. The artist met with a local artisan and learned traditional weaving techniques using canes from the Atlantic Rainforest.

Gabriela Ezcurra

Gabriela Ezcurra

Suelo Vivo

Gabriela Ezcurra is a visual artist and sculptor based in Rio de Janeiro. During her time at Awasi Iguazu, she recreated leaves and seeds from the Atlantic Rainforest using Ñaú mud. Additionally, she portrayed a native toucan with watercolors.


Florencia Echevarría

Selva Atlántica

Florencia Echevarría is an Argentine porcelain sculptor and visual artist who traveled to Awasi Iguazú to learn authentic weaving techniques from the Guarani community. 

While in residence, the artist collected Misiones red soil to mix with cold porcelain to create a piece inspired by the local flora.


Awasi Art Week by LabVerde

In May 2024, five international artists embarked on a 7-day journey to the Atlantic Rainforest of Awasi Iguazu to explore the region’s water cycles and discover the importance of water flows.


Felipe Assadi and Catalina Zarhi


Felipe Assadi and Catalina Zarhi are Chilean artists who visited Awasi Iguazú to install a sculpture titled ‘Confluencia (Confluence). The artwork is woven in cotton rope and sticks from the Atlantic Rainforest. ‘Confluencia’ symbolized the convergence of Argentina and Brazil, bound by the flow of water.


Josefina Stagnaro

Proyecto Maraná

Josefina Stagnaro is an Argentine paper artist and biologist who visited Awasi Iguazú to craft two paper Blue-winged Macaws, a species native to South America and currently extinct in Argentina. 

She met with the Aves Argentinas team to learn more about the Maracaná Project and their efforts to reintroduce the species to the Atlantic Forest of Argentina.

Through her art, the artist highlights the critical need for protecting natural habitats and the species that live within them. 


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